We're working on a game which might fall under the Survivors genre. It's still early in development and we're making the deign up as we go but it's got some interesting ideas and potential promise.

Below are auto-generated updates captured from commit logs.

autoblog 2022-10-12 - 2022-10-16

  • Archaeologist almost digs.
  • Much of a bomb that explodes.
    Still need the explosion and to do damage.
  • A MusicPlayer (still needs tweaking on fade logic).
  • Music!
  • Reasonable fade settings. Will tweak as time passes.
  • Bombs explode and do damage and scale and most of the things we want.
  • BottomOut node since that's a thing multiple lineages want to know.
    Also Gems now ask the Paradox to collect them via signals.
  • Add the ability to disable DirectionalAnimationPlayers, though I don't think it works.
    Also only auto-rename if the name ends in "_".
  • Require modulate_target and TouchZone.
  • Add modulate_target / TouchZones.
  • Beginnings of PoisonMonger.
    Still needs work.

autoblog 2022-09-06 - 2022-09-21

  • Skeleton of a Shieldsmung.
  • More reliance on Characters.CLASS/PATH constants. PlayerMod now tracks all levels. Can switch classes now.
  • Simplify (and slightly flatten) level up curve.
  • Cosmetic improvements.
    Also prepare to actually do Shieldsmungy things.
  • InputBlocker not tied to paradox pursual.
  • Hee hee push push.
  • Knocked-off monsters now give rewards.
  • Theoretically collected gems don't fall.
    Still gonna have problems with gems that don't spawn above Geometry.
  • Small cactuses!
    Rather highlight the Z-fighting (type) issue.
  • Active Shieldsmung also collects Collectibles.

autoblog 2022-08-22 - 2022-08-29

  • Push power and variable accel based on it relative to mass.
  • More level up choices.
  • LevelUp effects take place immediately.
    Also now they pass Paradox instead of PlayerMod.
  • Recording Duration (enduren) now inherited.
  • Camera tweens now pause and rotation works as expected with no player.
  • Enjumpen!
    Why are extra jumps so fun in games?
  • Ensummen. Which might need spicing up a little.
  • Uggo cactus.

autoblog 2022-08-11 - 2022-08-20

  • TouchZone now part of all players. CobTrackers can exclude parent groups (because that's how I tend to think).
  • Class-specific PlayerMods. Or the beginnings of.
  • Require PlayerMods be added before Player hits the scene tree.
    It won't apply until that point.
  • Player/Ghost controller logic set by the things that spawn them. CollectibleTracker now optional and only applied to the active player.
  • Gems now go to a heart instead of maybe the active player.
  • PlayerMods now get set before ready (so their variables are present for physics processing) but applied after (so they have scales).
  • Swordsman don't fly (no dashing upward).
  • Don't need class-specific mods once the idea of Level is introduced. Structure around player Class.
  • Class Upgrades now work in a hopefully-generic manner.

autoblog 2022-08-08 - 2022-08-10

  • Bunch of work to lay the groundwork for a radial progress 3D sprite.
    Could do an alternate texture if need be.
  • Assets/compression.
  • "cast" animation frames. Beginning of support for dash attack.
  • Now you pursue a paradox then have limited time to act without limits.
    Gotta have the respawns pursue the same paradox then we'll be golden.
  • was_just_pressed for these kind of actions.
  • Manipulators now maintain Controller order so that say GhostRecorder can be filtered upon record (though take priority upon playback).
  • InputBlocker now automatically blocks input while pursuing paradox (and stops when done).
    Ghosts pursue an immediate paradox for both the animation and maybe for input blocking. House of cards.
  • Cache direction. Only get ParadoxTimer if human controlled. Acrobatics to get the ghost to spawn facing the right direction and also resume the right animation after casting.
  • Greatly simplify things by introducing DirectionalAnimationPlayer except also everything broke.
  • Fix the animations (a little almost. Less broken anyway).
  • Claim to be playing if our override is playing. Queue up the return animation if asked to play something while overridden.
  • AnimationPlayer for the common stuff and AnimationOverrides for cast_ and whatever instance-specific things are needed.
  • Kickin' rad DASH ATTACK!