We're working on a game which might fall under the Survivors genre. It's still early in development and we're making the deign up as we go but it's got some interesting ideas and potential promise.

Below are auto-generated updates captured from commit logs.

autoblog 2022-12-24 - 2022-12-28

  • HumanControlled bugfix.
  • Gems start to get collected by the coin counter, not by any specific heart.
  • Count collected coins.
  • Hearts now spend at increasing rates.
  • Add optional duration parameter.
  • Spent gems now have a visual representation too.

autoblog 2022-12-16 - 2022-12-18

  • First step at using a viewport for 2D-in-3D.
    A bit awkward if the scene changes, and still gotta do all the code stuff in its own 2D scene script now.
  • Mute by default since we're not working on sound right now.
  • Working as-was. (Direct child access since these are meant to be tightly coupled but it's much easier to edit as a separate scene.)
  • Settable slot count and some manual hackery to get that to visualize better.
  • Hourglasses light up and spin.
    Not visible enough. Also needs more juice. But the concept is there.

autoblog 2022-12-09 - 2022-12-11

  • Significant thoughts about how to stand out.
  • AI assets to theoretically touch up.
  • HumanControlled group (instead of method).
  • Starting to add a Ghoster which is what you pay to make Echoes (oops).
  • S'more imports.
  • Ghosters rainbow and (prompt to) do the thing.
  • Remove time loop and recording code.
  • Remove some of the pursue paradox stuff.
  • GhostRecorders now require and return a duration.
  • Recording duration no longer part of Player(Mod).
  • Ghosters now spawn TimeLoopers.
  • No more Recorder Manipulator.
  • Spawn frequency increase via levels.
  • Enduren now Ensummen.
    Back from the dead.
  • Finally fix hourglass hiccup.
  • Performance (?) tweaks.
  • More juice, less Z-fighting, ? performance.
  • Now Ghosters always pay if you're holding the button, but don't start recording until you release the button or move off of 'em.
  • ParadoxTimer's back -- now it shows up when you've got a recording pending.
  • Cost color rainbows. Tried to improve text visibility.

autoblog 2022-11-27 - 2022-11-28

  • Move Mercury.png.
  • Monsters now acquire their own target.
  • WeightedVariant util.
  • More configurable Spawner arrangement.
    Still needs to use a few more of its variables and take damage etc.
  • Spawners are now (also) Hurtables and once they're defeated they just spawn gems.

autoblog 2022-11-23 - 2022-11-25

  • Kaboom coin choice (kill all monsters) and debug button for testing.
  • Mechanims to prevent coin choices from being re-chosen.
  • Tooltips dont show up from hovers but do show up when we want 'em now.
    Also descriptions for each level up.
  • Phasing option (you move through monsters).
  • Ghost Phasing.
  • Gain five levels coin choice.
  • Vacuum coin power.
  • An idea!