We're working on a game which might fall under the Survivors genre. It's still early in development and we're making the deign up as we go but it's got some interesting ideas and potential promise.

Below are auto-generated updates captured from commit logs.

autoblog 2022-11-16 - 2022-11-21

  • Mint and lavender.
  • Starting to add a coin for an interesting level-up idea.
  • Part of coin acquisition.
  • Coins heal and eventually provide bonuses.
    Also maybe shields set off bombs.
  • Remove ensummon.
  • Swordsmangs are now only dash-limited by time and (scaling) attack speed.
  • Much of Aerialish. Turns out Air Control affects gravity.
  • Air control doesn't affect gravity.
    Though now it needs tweaking and ramp-jumps are like whoa.
  • Jump strength is now absolute. And Aerialishes are better at it.
  • Aerialish get some jump scaling by level. And start off better at it.
  • Aerialishes now do damage based on fall speed.
  • Debug force level-ups.
  • More informative LevelUp displays. And a few tweaks.
  • Base speed split from max speed.
  • Spawn animation slower, not fixed to 1.0, affected by Enquicken.

autoblog 2022-11-13 - 2022-11-14

  • RangeSprite for spinning hourglass.
  • Starting to add an Intro Scene but ran outta steam looking for assets.
  • RangeLabel & RangeSprite updates.
  • UI uses icons & percents.
  • Deck-native resolution (but maybe also the scaling settings we want).
  • Smaller / centered LevelUp popups.
  • Update heal on heal.
  • Bombs get bigger now.
  • Ghost collision shape a little bigger.
  • +10% next_level xp for not spawning a ghost.
    Kinda big early on; may need to cap healing amounts.
  • Cap healing at 10% per gem.
  • Hearts now launch harder when hurt. And have the ability to do so.
  • Monsters mass up with scale.
  • Snails!

autoblog 2022-11-09 - 2022-11-09

  • Slope compensation that feels acceptable!
    Don't remember why we need to compensate for slopes in the first place but we do.
  • Flying target seeker and ghosts now fly good.
  • Ghostly touchy.
  • Hearts take damage.
  • Monsters have damage and have variable speed based on intensity.
  • Ghosts also set off bombs.
  • Gems heal hearts.
  • Balance tweaks.

autoblog 2022-10-22 - 2022-10-27

  • New Monster base scene (takes most of what was in Zombie) and initial Ghost implementation.
  • Docup.
  • Now Zombies follow the inherited structure. And maybe even behave the same.
  • Spawn either Zombies or Ghosts at random.
  • Movement input is now fully-3D with the addition of "rise" and "fall".
    Of course this broke gravity but one thing at a time.
  • Not quite sure what changed to affect jumping the way it did, but this puts us back about where we were.

autoblog 2022-10-17 - 2022-10-19

  • DirectionalAnimationPlayer now better disables when disabled.
  • Revert change requiring Touch Tracker.
  • Poison only spreads on ticks and doesn't color modulate.
    Need to get a sprite for poisoned and immunity.
  • Track cobs that're already present at time of creation.
    For CobTrackers that get added to existing Areas.
  • Update Shieldsmung gem collection.
  • Acceptable visual representation for poison.
    I'm sure there are still edge cases.